Disneyland 10k Race recap

Hello! This morning I ran the Disneyland 10K as part of the Dumbo double Dare. My ‘Plan B’ costume was Cinderella because the Merida costume was voted ‘out’ by me since I didn’t want to run with my hair down in 70 degree weather.

I was a bit scared my hair wouldn’t stay in a Cinderella-esque bun but, after a “test bun run” on Friday I figured my huge buns would stay put for 6.2 miles
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And I was able to quickly throw together a costume thanks to Target’s clearance rack for the tank, Bobbi lent me a skirt as well as I already had the broad light blue headband!

Disney races begin ridiculously early so I woke up at 3:40am to get to the 5:30am begin line in time. I online about 30 20 minutes (no web traffic at 4am) south of Anaheim so it was a breeze to get there.

Disneyland 10k begin line! I was in Corral A so I got a great view of the fun bit skit the announcers Carissa as well as Rudy put on with Stitch. The style of this race was all about Stitch!

Fun fact: I have been compared to stitch a great deal much more in my life than a Disney Princess, so this ought to have been my costume.

The very first 2 miles of the race are around the outside of the parks as well as the Anaheim Convention Center. Then, you run into California Adventure.

This was an outstanding sight after running with the dark streets anticipating going into the Disney Parks! (See RunEatRepeat on Instagram for a short video of this!)

Unfortunately, it was still so dark that many of my photos didn’t come out great.

After California experience we ran into Disneyland! Um, I’m about to terminate myself as director of photography for RER…

This was the moment I was waiting for… running with Cinderella’s Castle!

There were not a great deal of chances to take photos with Disney Characters for this race. I only saw one. The mile markers were embellished with photos of Stitch, however there weren’t characters really there. stitch was in Disneyland near Frontierland, however he was the only character I saw (there was likewise the woman from the begin line skit as well as Elvis however those aren’t Disney characters).

Disneyland 10k surface Line!

The race ends at downtown Disney. I like exactly how organized Disney races are for the begin as well as finish. They’re truly great about corrals as well as interacting where to go at the finish.

I averaged about 9 minute miles, however had a quite great speed for the very first 2 miles. The stopping for photos is what slowed me down as well as I’m all great with that. completely worth it!

Funny enough, somebody shouted “Go Ariel” to me on the course. I looked around as well as didn’t see an Ariel around so I assumption she didn’t acknowledge my Cinderella costume! I ought to have used those glass slippers that are in the back of my wardrobe as well as then it would have been obvious.

And I’m pleased to report my hair stayed up in the outrageous bun!

When I got house I saw a woman selling tamales on the corner as well as I purchased a dozen. This is exactly how I roll for publish 10k food:

I was likewise extremely thrilled for the Almond Roca in the food box. These remind me of my Grams.

Now I have 13.1 miles to deal with for the Dumbo double Dare! Bis später!

Question: If you might have any type of running costume professionally produced you – who (what) would you be?



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